Wellbeing Programmes

Pathway2Wellbeing (P2W) has collaborated with The Early Years Hub (TEYH) to devise several wellbeing programmes.  These Programmes / Trainings and workshops being deliver have been recognised as gaps or are presented in a unique way. Both P2W and TEYH have worked with diverse communities that have been impacted by various journeys of life.   It was important to identify these gaps and be able to support people from diverse and wider communities

EYWP is a set of workshops which looks at aspects of a child’s development from birth to primary 3. Our workshops will allow attendees to see and learn how milestones can be met in a fun and relaxing way. Workshops are for parents, practitioners and other professionals who work in early years. These workshops can be delivered in various languages. Although each workshop will concentrate on one topic, all workshops will be based on a shared vision of parents, practitioners and other professionals engaging with children through play, wellbeing and meeting milestones.

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The Communities Wellbeing Programme (CWP) supports famillies, young children, youth and professionals. CWP Support personal development, aim to build positive and healthy people within communities. Raising awareness around topics that promote positivity within oneself/communities.


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